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TEXOGRIP™ is an anti-slip paper with a High Coefficient of Friction above 42 ° on both sides.


TEXOGRIP™ can be used for:

•  on the pallet (in wood, plastic, slip-sheet): to unitize the loading to the pallet
•  between the layers of pre-packaged products: to prevent sliding during transport of cases, carton-boxes, paper sacks, plastic bags, shrink-filmed items, big bags......
•  for automatic automatic paletization: TEXOGRIP™ can be picked up using a vacuum system

How to apply TEXOGRIP anti-slip sheets?



->  Manuel Paletization



->  Automatic Palletization












•  100 % recyclable
•  100 % waterproof
•  0 logistics accidents
•  Efficient on all materials (paper, corrugated, plastic, glass...)
•  Saves stretch film and other packaging materials
•  Can be re-used when used for intern logistic transport


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